Sunday, June 17, 2012

Play for Five Actors (2W, 3M), THE MAID'S DAY OFF, by Martha Patterson, published by JAC Publishing

THE MAID'S DAY OFF, A full-length comedy. SYNOPSIS: Present-day, full-length comedy about Sophia, a young, struggling American actress who is shacking up with Nick, an aging, semi-retired English rock star in London. With booze flowing freely, their talk ranges from Shakespeare to interracial marriages, snooty shopkeepers, and Sophia’s career as an actress. Impatient with Sophia, Nick sends her packing. When they meet five years later in New York, Sophia is now a successful but troubled film star. Will they connect this time, or will their conversation revolve mostly around Nick’s obsession with losing his current maid? Available on Amazon and by phone from JAC Publishing: 781-272-2066. Paperback.

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