Saturday, October 22, 2016

New one-act play by Martha Patterson - GOING OVERBOARD

Just completed writing a new one-act romantic comedy (revised and developed from a much shorter version I wrote a few years ago) - GOING OVERBOARD.  I'm always nostalgic for New York and this is a very New York-centric story.

SYNOPSIS: Depressed Miranda and easygoing Arthur, two middle-aged people dumped by their exes, meet by accident on the Staten Island Ferry.

Friday, September 9, 2016

New "Brexit" monologue - LEAVING THE E.U.

Written specifically for English theatres on the theme of Britain's political separation from the rest of Europe, LEAVING THE E.U. is a short comic monologue, spoken by a 20-something British girl who has just been woken up by her nagging vegan sister.  While brushing her teeth, she wonders what good will come of the Brexit.


Synopsis:  A drama.  Former roommates Mickey and Lou haven't seen each other in seven years and have some catching up to do, including the revelation that one of them is HIV-positive.

Synopsis: A drama or perhaps a serio-comedy. Excerpted from a longer play, this is a Rashomon-like story about dementia where the audience does not know who is remembering correctly.

Synopsis:    A comedy, wherein Dana and Sam can’t order what they want from a rude waiter. 

Synopsis: A blend of horror and drama, also excerpted from a longer play, this is a radio script about a demented mother in the 1930's who won’t take her medicine. Confronted by her daughter, she sets to work at murder with a letter opener.

Synopsis: Serio-comedy. Hillary, who says she hates everyone and is stuck in a rut, discusses adoption and other issues with her calm husband Max.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Short comedy HASHING IT OVER to be produced in NYC, Oct. 2016

My short comedy HASHING IT OVER will be produced by AlphaNYC / Thalia Festival in NYC, Oct. 2016. It will be a world premiere. SYNOPSIS: A short play about sexism, feminism, and classism. Mindy and Imelda, two professional women dining in a burger joint, argue about the value of men and their own hard-won careers. Finally, their southern, working class waitress offers some insight and a different point of view. And then “The Boss” enters.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

IN RECOVERY produced in New York City by Thalia Festival

Short comedy IN RECOVERY opened July 9th, 2016 in New York City for a two-week run at Thalia Festival / AlphaNYC, New York City.

SYNOPSIS:  What’s more important – shoes or a spouse?  Samantha tries to help her friend Georgette get over her ex-husband.

SCENE FROM A STREET CORNER to be published by Smith & Kraus

Smith & Kraus will be publishing my play SCENE FROM A STREET CORNER in their Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2017 anthology.  This is their annual collection for which your play must have been produced in the past year.  The play uses both Spanish and English.

SYNOPSIS:  Upon meeting on a street corner, teenager Carlos tries to prove to Mona that she's finally met a real man.    

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Smith & Kraus to publish two monologues by Martha Patterson

Theatre publishers Smith & Kraus will publish two of my monologues in 222 More Comedy Monologues in August 2016.

SYNOPSIS of THE BIG HAT:  A bar in Kansas City.  MARNIE is in her 20s.  She talks to the audience and holds a shot glass full of whisky.  She is talking about how she always wanted to be like her sexy, long-lost aunt.

SYNOPSIS of A PLACE TO CRASH:  Ron, in his 30s-40s, visits a woman he hasn’t seen in a while and thinks he can win her over.  With chatter about the sandblasted masks he's made of his own face, and the inexpensive bean sprouts he grows for food in the trunk of his car, he tries unsuccessfully to seduce her.