Monday, January 15, 2018

New monologue - BAD MOTHER

Written for a Canadian competition...

In a small public park, young Jamie abandons her cat and then regrets it. 

New monologue - THE LONELY MONSTER

The monster known as Frankenstein bemoans his ugly fate as he takes a selfie with his cell phone.

New flash fiction - THE PRIVILEGE OF TRAVEL

A New York woman and an Englishman have a contretemps aboard a ship over her announcement that she's always been lucky to be thin.

New work of flash fiction - VALENTINE'S DAY

A short work of under 1000 words...

Impatient Sally and mostly silent Muggeridge have long-standing lunch dates on breaks from their dull jobs, but will Valentine's Day be their catalyst for a real romance?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

New 10-minute Celtic play - MILES FROM DUBLIN AND GALWAY

Just wrote this short play for a competition for Celtic-themed scripts...
SYNOPSIS:  A leprechaun and a young woman meet by accident and argue about prejudice.

Another new monologue - WITH DEEP REGRETS

SYNOPSIS: Rowena, daughter of a serial murderer, explains her life to a journalist.


Finished a new short monologue...
SYNOPSIS:  Rupert, something of an eccentric, entertains his neighbor with thoughts about the enormous force of the Sun.