Saturday, April 7, 2018

New monologue - TIME FLIES

A monologue on grief.  An older woman reminisces to her rosebush-tending neighbor about her deceased mother on the anniversary of her mother's death.

"People say time flies, and it does.  Like a seagull speeding its way from the shore to the ocean."

New Short Comedy - A THIRD SEX

One-minute comedy written for a competition.  While drinking shots of vodka, two young women share their disenchantment with men and wonder about the possibility of a third sex.

Revision of Comic Monologue - THOUGHTS OVER A GLASS OF BEER

A monologue.  Eccentric Rupert entertains his new neighbor with thoughts on astrology, the sun, and the planets.

New comedy for Elementary School Kids - MRS. HURLBUT ON HEALTH & HYGIENE

SYNOPSIS: Comedy.  Incompetent Mrs. Hurlbut tries to rein in her 11-year-old students while teaching them about the birds and the bees.