Saturday, September 29, 2012

New plays by Martha Patterson

THESE PEOPLE - A One-Act Drama (2 W, 1 M). SYNOPSIS: Melinda is a 50-year-old American woman living in an apartment in Boston. When her neighbor Sushila, a 25-year-old East Indian woman who works in business, gets locked out of her apartment down the hall, she knocks on Melinda’s door for help. Through their conversation, Melinda is enlightened about her own feelings of prejudice, as well as learning about generosity in a sexual encounter with the lonely young man who lives next door. But will these acquaintances become fast friends? *** CHRISTMAS EVE, MANY YEARS FROM NOW - A Short Apocalyptic Comedy (2W, 1 M). SYNOPSIS: Two-and-a-half thousand years after the Apocalypse, three cave people celebrate Christmas Eve. *** THAT'S LIFE! - A Long Comic Monologue for an Older Woman (1 W). SYNOPSIS: Simone, an editor at a publishing company, is on a deadline and gets two irritating phone calls at work. *** GOD SAVE THE QUEEN - A Short Political Comedy (5 M). SYNOPSIS: At a gentlemen’s club, four presidential types – all very “macho” - get together for a cozy chat around the fire, but their insolent waiter keeps interrupting them. *** THE 4th OF JULY - A Short Political Comedy (2 W, 1 M). SYNOPSIS: In Arizona on the 4th of July, Kathy rants to her women’s group about Mexican immigration.

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